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A. Preamble


The bylaws of the Piano Technicians Guild, Inc. shall govern the operation of the Sacramento Valley Chapter. The chapter bylaws shall not conflict with the PTG Bylaws and Regulations, Codes or other applicable State or Federal Laws.


A proposed amendment to these bylaws must have the petition of at least 20% of the membership with written notice of at least ten days in advance of a stated meeting. Approval must have a simple majority of those present at the meeting.


B. Definitions

I. PTG: The Piano Technicians Guild, Inc.

2. Chapter: The Sacramento Valley Chapter of the PTG.

3. Assembly: All franchised members present at any chapter meeting.

4. Franchised member: A member who has the right to vote.

5. Board: The executive board of directors, Sacramento Valley Chapter.

6. Dual Member: One whose primary membership is in another chapter.




Section I — Name

The name of this organization shall be The Sacramento Valley Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild, Inc.

Section II – Purpose and objectives

A. The ultimate goal of the Chapter shall be to associate together in this chapter all technically and ethically qualified piano technicians.

B. This chapter will constantly strive to maintain and improve among its member’s high ethical and technical standards.

C. It shall be an objective of this chapter to insure that the interests of the profession be promoted and protected.

D. Harmonious relations shall be fostered among other PTG chapters and members and all other branches of the music industry.





Section I — Time and Place

A. The time and place for regular meetings shall be set by the assembly.

B. The chapter shall meet at least three times a year in stated meetings. No business can be legally transacted by a chapter at a called meeting unless proper notice has been sent to all franchised members at least the (I0) days in advance.

C. The franchised members of a chapter must be given due and timely notice of any alteration of time or place for a stated or regular chapter meeting.

D. The presiding officer can declare any regular business meeting or portion thereof closed to non-members if he or she sees fit to do so.


Section II — Quorum

A quorum shall consist of at least one-fourth of the total number of franchised members.


Section III — Parliamentary Authority

The current editions of the Scott, Foresman “Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised” shall govern the conduct of the meetings in all cases not covered specifically by these Bylaws and other PTG rules and documents.





Section I — Classification

A. Classification of membership shall be in accordance with standards and qualification as set up by the parent body, the Piano Technicians Guild, Inc. Membership shall not be denied by any reason of race, religion, national origin, age, sex, or sexual preference of the applicant. Applicants for all classifications shall be introduced to the Chapter at regular meeting and voted upon by the Assembly.


Section II — Dues

All members of all categories will pay Chapter dues in addition to the PTG dues assigned.


Section III – Voting

On all matters relating to international PTG affairs, only Registered Piano Technician members shall be enfranchised to vote. On all matters relating to chapter policy and management, all chapter members shall be enfranchised to vote. Associate members may not vote on delegates to Council, nor in elections of chapter officers whose duties include serving as delegate to council nor on any matters concerning issues to be decided by Council.





Section I — President

The President shall preside at all chapter and board meetings. The President shall have the power to appoint special committees as needed, and may call special meetings as needed. The President shall appoint the newsletter Editor and the Member at Large. The President shall exercise general supervision over all chapter affairs and see that all national and chapter regulations are enforced.

Section II — Vice-President

The Vice-President shall be responsible for the planning of chapter technical programs, and shall assume the duties and authority of the President, should the President be absent or unable to function.

Section III — Secretary

The Secretary shall keep minutes of the chapter meetings and Board meetings and handle the chapter correspondence. The secretary shall maintain a list of current members with their addresses and phone numbers and shall annually publish a listing of each member and note the number of meetings attended. The secretary shall perform other duties as requested by the board.

Section IV–Treasurer

The Treasurer shall have charge of all the monies of the chapter and shall deposit them in a bank, savings and loan, or trust company under the name PTG Sacramento Valley Chapter. The Treasurer shall keep written records and report to the chapter upon request the current balances. 

Section V — Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter Editor shall publish a newsletter each month in which a meeting is held. The editor will send out the newsletter about ten days prior to the meeting date.

Section VI — Board Member at Large

A Member at Large will serve with the elected officers as a member of the Executive board.





The Executive Board shall be composed of all officers and the appointed member at large. The Board shall meet as needed to transact as much chapter business as possible and thus reduce the length of chapter business meetings, and to recommend to the chapter on matters requiring chapter approval. The board shall consider all charges and disputes between members in a reconciliatory manner to avoid a hearing or trial and also to investigate all complaints against members. The presiding officer shall have the authority to declare a closed board meeting. 





Section I – Annual Review

The chapter shall annually review its bylaws following the PTG Council session for compliance with the PTG bylaws, Regulations, and Codes.



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