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Minutes, May 12, 2009 Chapter Meeting

In Attendance:

RPTs: Dannenfelser, Musial, Reiersen, Nelson, Fox, Chan, Parsons, Miller

Associates: Hernandez, D’Alesio, Sakabe

Guests: Dearing, G. Bruce Robinson, Joyce D’Alesio, Christina____

Business Meeting Called to Order, 6:30 pm

Old Business:

President thanks his Officers for service over the last year.

Slate of Candidates for Officer Positions 2009-2010:

President – Dan Dannenfelser, RPT

Vice President – Gene Nelson, RPT

Secretary/Treasurer – Terry Miller, RPT

Motion by Tremaine Parsons: that the slate be accepted and the individuals be voted into the respective offices.

Seconded: Dale Fox

In favor: All

Motion approved.

New Business:

President asked if any RPTs would like to represent the Chapter as Council Member at the National Convention. A $249 stipend was allotted to last year’s Council Member (Miller). No one expressed interest.

Motion by Terence Miller: that current Chapter Officers in the following positions have signing authority on Chapter bank accounts: President, Vice-President, Treasurer.

Seconded: Dale Fox

In favor: All

Motion approved.

There being no further business, the Business Meeting was adjourned at or about 7:00 pm.



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