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Minutes, February 9, 2010 Chapter Meeting

The meeting was held at Fox Piano, 7101 34th St., North Highlands, CA  95660

In Attendance:

RPTs: Ashmore, Miller, Fox, Welch, Nelson, Clark, Parsons, Dannenfelser, Kidwell, Stivers

Associates: Stokes

Guests: Paulin

Business Meeting Called to Order


Ken Winters recently passed away. He was a former Sacramento Valley and Santa Clara Chapter member.

Dan Dannenfelser talked about his recent Steinway factory training.

Officer Reports:

Treasurer reported intention to close accounts at Chase Bank (formerly WaMu) and transfer balance to Golden1 Credit Union. Desires to reinvest Chase CD into an ‘evergreen’ maturing system of CDs: 6mo, 1 yr, 2 yr, and 3yrs. Parsons noted the importance of having more than one officer as signatory on the Chapter’s accounts. Miller and Dannenfelser will meet at Golden1 for that purpose before the March 2010 meeting.

Vice President reported a Steingraeber event at R. Kassman Pianos in Berkeley on March 2, showcasing the ‘Phoenix’ piano components. RSVP required to Gene.

March 20 Fandrich event is now priced at $85, to start 9am at Fox Pianos.

Next Chapter meeting at the Music Exchange on March 9.

New Business:

Motion by Tremain Parsons that the Chapter spend less than $200 to purchase folding chairs for Chapter events. Seconded (Fox), and passed.

Technical Presentation

Dale Fox detailed procedures for travelling hammer shanks.

Respectfully submitted, Terence Miller



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