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Minutes, March 9, 2010 Chapter Meeting

The meeting was held at The Music Exchange 2245 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA  95825

In Attendance:

RPTs: Miller, Fox, James Johnson, Nelson

Associates: Don Townley

Guests: Caleb Towley, Brett Dearing

Business Meeting Called to Order, 7:06pm


Jim Johnson has a 2 year old 5’ x 10’ covered trailer available for sale for $1,000

Officer Reports:

Treasurer reported that both the Treasurer and President are now signatories on the Chapter’s Golden1 Credit Union checking account.

Vice President reports that Deb Macomber of Redding has submitted her membership application to Home Office and asked if there were any objections to her membership. There were none.

Vice President reminded members of the Saturday March 20 day-long event with Del Fandrich.

Vice President reminds members that new officer elections are approaching and volunteers are needed, especially for the position of Vice President.

Business Meeting Adjourned, 7:20pm

Technical Presentation

Dale Fox and Brett Dearing’s “Back to Basics” series discussed many aspects of the piano key, including leveling, easing, etc.

Respectfully submitted, Terence Miller



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