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Minutes, August 12, 2009 Chapter Meeting

The meeting was held at Piano Arts of Sacramento, 10910 Olson Dr. #150, Rancho Cordova, CA

In Attendance:

RPTs: Dannenfelser, Nelson, Miller, Leggett, Johnson, Kidwell, Stivers

Associates: Hernandez, Sakabe, Pitter, Boughton

Guests: Kristina Richards, Adrian Canfield, Matt Richards.

Business Meeting Called to Order, 7:02 pm


John D’Alesio is having a grand opening for his studio in Paradise on September 19. Chapter members are invited.

The Modesto Chapter is having a picnic/Technical in Lodi on Saturday August 15.

President Dannenfelser thanked Alex and Kristina for hosting the meeting.

Old Business:


New Business:

Vice-President talked about possible all-day technicals: Fandrich “Evaluating Tone by Ear” or all-day Associates training.

There being no further business, the Business Meeting was adjourned at or about 7:15 pm.

Technical Presentation

Attendees divided into teams to diagnose and regulate action models prepared by Vice-President Gene Nelson.



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